President’s Charge to PAAC

The function of the President’s Athletic Advisory Committee (PAAC) is to advise the President of the University of Connecticut on all matters relating to the Division of Athletics, including UConn Recreation. PAAC’s function is integral to the University’s mission to maintain institutional control of intercollegiate athletics as required by the NCAA constitution section 3 2 (a). Of utmost importance is assuring that students in all sports attain strong records of academic success. This university is fully committed to having our athletic programs meet the highest standards.

The specific responsibilities of the President’s Athletic Advisory Committee include:

  • To promote an understanding of the Division of Athletics’ mission among all members of the University community.
  • To participate in, and review the results of, periodic institutional self study processes as appropriate, including the required NCAA certification process and the required review of the Counseling Program for Intercollegiate Athletes (CPIA).
  • To maintain and foster a clear commitment to academic integrity and institutional control as it applies to the Division of Athletics within the University.
  • To ensure a priority to the commitment to student athletes’ welfare.
  • To participate in, and provide advisory support for, the establishment, maintenance, and interpretation of Division of Athletics’ policies and University policies as they pertain to student-athletes.
  • To provide counsel to the President, Provost, Board of Trustees, Director of Athletics, and University Senate concerning matters of athletic policy formation, budgetary planning, educational programming, staff development, and athletic scheduling.
  • To provide counsel to the Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR) in all matters pertaining to intercollegiate athletics.

      These responsibilities span all aspects of the Division of Athletics’ programs, including their impact on the University community and the general public. PAAC plays a major role in developing and stating the policy goals and program priorities which guide the Division of Athletics. PAAC is charged with promoting the understanding of the overall athletic program and encouraging the attainment of excellence in athletics and academics which will support the University’s overall commitment to excellence. It may recommend such changes to Division of Athletics, NCAA, University Senate or University policies and regulations as it deems appropriate. It may advise the Director of Athletics on such matters regarding program evaluation, divisional policies, and divisional operations as may be requested. It will undertake specific projects as required by the President, but is free to consider any issues as they relate to PAAC’s broad mission.

      The members of the PAAC are appointed by the President who also appoints the chairman, with the exception of:

      • Two members who are elected by the University Senate.
      • Two coaches (one from a male team, one from a female team) who are self-nominated and elected by all coaches.
      • Two student athletes (one from a male team, one from a female team) who are self-nominated and elected by student athletes who are either captains/members of leadership council or, for those teams without a captain, serve on the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC).

      The NCAA constitution requires that a majority of the members be full-time faculty or administrators of the University. The NCAA Faculty Representative and the Director of Athletics are members of PAAC. In addition, the membership also includes two representatives from the University Senate, the University’s Title IX Coordinator, and a representative from the President’s Office.

      Revised Spring 2022